Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Return

I will admit to being a fair-weather blogger. My head is full of ideas, photos, and experiences I want to share, but I suffer from a life-long case of antisocialitis* that keeps me cagey and skittish. The Internet is a big, murky place, where everything you produce can live in perpetuity and be linked or Googled by, really, any mook with a computer.

This blog, which is a revival of the last one of the same name, is an attempt to keep my desire to share and produce quality material stronger than my skittish tendencies.

This year I was accepted into the Masters of Human-Environment Relations program at Cornell University's Department of Design and Environmental Analysis. Part of this exciting change means moving, with my partner and our dog, all the way across the U.S. of A. and leaving behind our friends, colleagues, and most of our family. I wanted to revive this blog, in part, to keep in touch in a way that I consider more personal and constructive than Facebook or Twitter. You can also find me blogging at the very sporadic Meatroaf.com, which I co-produce with my partner (who is even more antisocial than I).

Let's go!


*Not a real disease...

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  1. I wouldn't say antisocial - its more like an antiwebsocial thing - you guys are to fun to be misanthropes :)